About FPVProfessor.com

About FPVProfessor.com

FPVProfessor.com is the first and only drone training center in America that is able to offer the following services to our student, teacher, hobbyist, and professional client base:

  • 8.5 acre indoor and outdoor AMA approved flight center
  • Onsite drone engineering hardware and software resources
  • Over 50,000 drone related products available for purchase
  • Fully stocked workstations for drone training, assembly, and repair
  • In-house drone manufacturing machinery and materials
  • Online video library containing more than 700 learning videos
  • CTE / STEM online curriculum for in-person and distance learning
  • Train the Trainer two-day teacher training and refresher course
  • Certification programs for the following:
    • Soldering and Assembly
    • Programming and Pre-Flight
    • Motor and Prop Comprehension
    • Frame Design and Utilization
    • Safety and Awareness
    • Component Selection and Function
    • Line-of-Site (LOS) Flight Training
    • First-Person-View (FPV) Flight Training
    • Emergency Recovery
    • (more to come)

In addition to these unique services, FPVProfessor.com is also owned and operated by Texas based CycloneFPV. Established in 2017, CycloneFPV has become one of the leading hardware suppliers in The United States and is currently the exclusive dealer and repair center for some of the largest component manufacturers in the world. In 2019 CycloneFPV opened a remote office in China and now employs a full-time staff to assist with product acquisition and quality control. 

"We are not here to be the biggest. We just want to be the best. That is why we have remained a family owned and operated company and why we continue to do our best to promote learning in our community. Bringing education, jobs, and manufacturing to the people here in The United States, has been our goal from the very beginning." ~ founder Tarek Maalouf. 

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