Train the Trainer from

Train the Trainer from

FPVProfessor™ offers a two-day Train the Trainer Drone Program (TTDP) for middle school and high school teachers. Our TTDP is designed to assist first-time drone teachers and veteran drone instructors by offering state-of-the-art drone hardware, software, and flight training at our 8.5-acre facility in Conroe, Texas.

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Our TTDP – Intro to Drones two-day course offers the following services:

  • Day 1: (8 hours)
    • Plug’nPilot™ solderless drone kit assembly (4hrs). Our Plug’nPilot™ drone kits, manufactured at our Conroe facility, are exclusive to Cyclone FVP and our™ online drone training program. These kits were designed to accommodate at-home and in-person learning environments while remaining focused on CTE and STEM program requirements. Used in conjunction with our™ step-by-step instructional video series, teachers and students can build any of the Plug’nPilot™ kits in just a few hours.
    • Offsite / Onsite Lunch Break (1hr). Teachers will be given a one-hour lunch break. Our staff will remain on-site during this time frame if any of the teachers have questions they would like to ask during this specific break time.
    • Programming and Hardware Discussion (3hrs). Once assembled and inspected, teachers will then be required to program their drones to communicate with their radio and function properly for flight. This programming portion of our TTDP will focus on BetaFlight™ flight controller program settings and features as well as BLHeli™ electronic speed controller settings. Both programs make up a very critical part of the entire drone assembly and flight process, which is why we spend the remainder of the first day covering each of these areas in great detail.
  • Day 2: (4 hours)
    • Flight Safety Review (1hour). Before any test flights, teachers will be required to review all safety precautions and pre-flight checklists. We will use this time to present key FAA safety concerns and the safety guidelines that have helped us maintain a very safe AMA-approved flight location.
    • Indoor Hovering and Control (1hour). Immediately following our Flight Safety Review, teachers will be allowed to perform an indoor hover test flight of their drone. This indoor test will test the drone’s ability to function as expected and verify that the teacher has a good understanding of the radio controls.
    • Outdoor Flight and Gate Course (2hours). Once the teachers have completed their indoor hover test, we will go outside and allow the teachers to fly in our open field area. In addition to providing a relaxed and safe place for teachers to test fly their new builds, a gated course will also be available for accuracy training. Teachers will be encouraged to walk with their drones as they pass through a series of gates. This final step helps introduce the importance of Line-of-Site (LOS) drone, flight accuracy, and site awareness.

The two-day TTDP can accommodate up to sixteen participants. The following is a breakdown of the fees associated with our program:

  • Two-Day TTDP – $2,000.00
    • 10 Workstations / Seats
    • 10 Plug’nPilot Drone Kits
    • 10 Transmitter Radios
    • 10 LiPo Batteries
    • 10 Propeller Sets
    • 10 Tool Sets
    • 10 Laptops for programming
  • Additional Seats - $200.00 per seat (six additional seats available)
  • Attendees who complete the two-day TTDP will receive an Train the Trainer Drone Program Certificate of Completion along with a 10% discount for the next TTDP course.

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