FPVProfessor.com in Education S.T.E.M. C.T.E. and More

FPVProfessor.com in Education S.T.E.M. C.T.E. and More

FPVProfessor has teamed up with Cyclone FPV, RotorRascals, U.V.T.C.A., and some of the largest drone component manufacturing companies in the world so that we could deliver some of the best and most advanced training modules to our clients. 

Drones in Education:

  • Age and Grade - Whether your student is in elementary school or just a few years away from heading off to college, FPVProfessor.com has prepared learning modules to cover all grades and ages. It is our goal to make sure that each child has a chance to experience the thrill of flying, racing, building, repairing, and designing, which is why our entire online and in-person curriculum incorporates more flight time and flight training than any other drone training platform.
  • Beg, Borrow, Steal - If you have spent any amount of time in education, these three words become the light-hearted motto for many teachers who struggle to find enough high-quality learning material for the classroom. FPVProfessor.com is proud to be the first company to create the "Open-Source Learning Environment" (OSLE) where teachers and students are encouraged to provide input and suggestions to build an even bigger and better online learning resource throughout the year. 
  • A la carte Design - FPVProfessor.com provides each educator with the ability to pick and choose from our growing library of learning modules. this a la carte design means that you will never have to pay for modules you do not have any interest in. This is just one of the many new features exclusive to FPVProfessor.com learning material, that is designed to save our clients a great deal of money over time. 
  • Free Drone Program - Probably the most amazing and unique feature of the FPVProfessor.com curriculum is our Free Drone offer for all educators. Focused on our proven 3:1 students to drone ratio, all educators who enroll in our drone curriculum program will receive a new drone for every three students in their class period. Why? Well, the answer is simple. Drones are changing daily and by the end of your semester, your drones may be broken, obsolete, or both. With our Free Drone Program, we give you a new set of drones and take back the old ones at the beginning and end of each semester. 

Learning Modules:

FPVProfessor.com is constantly working with our partners to maintain the most updated and advanced set of learning modules for all age groups. Some of our most popular modules to date are listed below:

Introduction Modules:

  • Introduction to Soldering
  • Introduction to Line of Site Flight (LOS)
  • Introduction to First Person View (FPV)
  • Introduction to Flight Safety
  • Introduction to Drone Components
  • Introduction to Drone Assembly (Plug'nPilot)
  • Introduction to Drone Programming
  • Introduction to Drones in the Work Place
  • Introduction to History of Drones
  • Introduction to 3D Printing 
  • Introduction to Laser Cutting
  • Introduction to CNC Cutting
  • Introduction to Brushless Motors
  • Introduction to Battery Safety and Design
  • Introduction to Drone Design
  • Introduction to Propeller Function and Design

Intermediate Modules:

  • Soldering and Rework Repairs
  • Line of Site Emergency Recovery
  • Multi-FPV and Live View
  • FAA Part 107 Review
  • Drone Component Upgrades and Changes
  • Future Drone Integration and Security
  • 3D Printing Mounts, Frames, and Gear
  • CNC Fabrication with Carbon Fiber
  • Thrust to Weight Ratio Objectives
  • Satellite Coordinates and Way Point Integration

Advanced Modules:

  • Advanced Soldering and Circuitry Repair
  • Advanced LOS and Beyond Line of Site
  • Advanced Power and Flight Time
  • Advanced Heavy Transport Application
  • Advanced Drone Frame Design and Fabrication
  • Advanced Security and Safety Application
  • Advanced Component Integration and Payload

Students also receive engineering log books so that they can keep accurate records of their time spent in each unit. Many schools allow students to earn college credits during their time in CTE and STEM based learning programs which is why we encourage educators to integrate this option when possible.

If you would like more information about our online and in-person training programs, please click here to send us an email.

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