FAA Part107 Certification Training Program Is Here!

FAA Part 107 Certification Training Program Is Here!

FPVProfessor.com and CycloneFPV.com have partnered with some of the most successful Part1 07 certification instructors in the country and will now be including the FAA Part 107 training program with our high school curriculum. 

In addition to providing students with some of the best Part 107 certification training material, FPVProfessor.com will also be providing our exclusive DJI and AUTEL training courses specializing in repair, flight training, and commercial applications. These courses, developed by our drone pilots and drone technicians, will provide both online and hands-on training with the opportunity to receive FPVProfessor.com Certifications in each of the many specialized fields.

Start with the FAA Part 107 and work your way to become a commercial drone pilot and repair specialist in a few short months. FPVProfessor.com and CycloneFPV.com are teaming up to make all of this possible today!

For more information about our middle school, high school, and corporate certification and training programs, please click here to send us an email. 

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