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FAA Part107 Certification Training Program Is Here! and have partnered with some of the most successful Part1 07 certification instructors in the country and will now be including the FAA Part 107 training program with our high school curriculum. 

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TSA Drone Competition (Mars Rover)

TSA (Technology Student Association) Drone Competition Mars Rover Payload

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TSA Electronic Flight Contest Information

TSA (Technology Student Association) Drone Flight Contest Information

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Train the Trainer from

Trainer the Trainer drone programs now available to help teachers learn the all the newest pieces of information prior to providing any learning content to the students.

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FPVProfessor has teamed up with Cyclone FPV, RotorRascals, U.V.T.C.A., and some of the largest drone component manufacturing companies in the world so that we could deliver some of the best and most advanced training modules to our clients. 

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