DT140v1 DIY+ Video Build Series from Cyclone FPV

DT140v1 DIY+ Video Build Series from Cyclone FPV

The video series below covers the installation of the  Cyclone FPV DIY+ DT140v1 drone kit. . If you purchased the Cyclone FPV DT140v1 Plug'nPilot(tm) drone kit from Cyclone FPV, you will need to click here to visit the DIY+ video series section. 

Software Downloads:

Trouble Shooting:

  • If your FC does not go into DFU mode during Flash

Part 1: Drone Parts Review and Discussion

Part 2: Fame Assembly

Part 3: Flight Controller Soldering and Prep

Part 4: FC Prep Soldering Camera Wires

Part 5: FC Prep Soldering VTX Wires 

Part 6: FC Prep Soldering Receiver Wires

Part 7: FC Prep Soldering Buzzer / Finder Wires

Part 8: FC Prep Soldering GPS Wires

Part 9: Installing FC and VTX to Frame

Part 10: Installation and Soldering of Motors

Part 11: Installation of Camera and Buzzer Finder

Part 12: Installation of Receiver and GPS

Part 13: Betaflight FC Firmware Update

Part 14: Betaflight Ports and Configuration

Part 15: Betaflight VTX Table Setup

Part 16: BLHeli Motor Firmware, Calibration, and Configuration

Part 17: Betaflight Radio Setup, Flight Modes, OSD, and Motor Check

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